Myth #6: Security Suites are overrated

Even if they are using more resources than a simple antivirus program, Security Suites provide multiple protection layers against malware.

The security landscape changes continuously and you have to be fully protected against the
most common attack vectors:

  1. infections through files carried on USB sticks, memory cards, mobile
    hard drives, downloaded files
  2. network attacks (spoofing, DOS)
  3. vulnerabilities that get exploited in common software
  4. drive-by downloads
  5. identity and financial theft through phishing websites
  6. spam and phishing emails

There are definitely other components that influence the security of a computer or a network (like backup).

The most basic security solution has to be able to protect the computer in real time against all types of malicious software that get transmitted as files (most common malware). To cover all these attack vectors you either install multiple individual security solutions or use a security suite that has them integrated.


These any many other tips can be found in the free eBook “Improve your security”.

All these and many more topics are in the free eBook "Improve your security" available here:

About the Author

Sorin Mustaca, (ISC)2 CSSLP, CompTIA Security+ and Project+, is working since 2000 in the IT Security industry and until 2014 for Avira as Product Manager, where he was responsible for the known products used by over 100 million users world-wide. Serving the security needs of so many different users made him think that there are other ways of to help the users: teachning them about security.

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